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Why Investchek?

With the increase in Internet, mail and telemarketing fraud, people are losing more money than ever before. It has become nearly impossible to tell the difference between fact and fiction; between a legitimate financial expert and a scam artist. Certain individuals are at a higher risk, such as retirees, seniors and small investors. With Investchek you will be able to verify that your investor is reputable and dependable and whether your investments are going where they are supposed to.

Why should you care?

chekBecause you have been approached with a "great opportunity" and want to make sure that the investment and the individuals behind the opportunity are legitimate.
chekBecause you want to make sure that your hard-earned savings and retirement funds are in the right hands.
chekBecause you have placed your money in the hands of a financial advisor and want to make sure that he/she will be handling your funds responsibly.
chekBecause you have lost money in an investment and feel that you have been misled.

With Investchek:

  • You will receive personal and confidential attention.
  • We are easily accessible, discreet and guarantee a quick response.
  • Investchek offers reliable and affordable assistance for individual investors.

    Investchek can provide background investigations on persons and companies around the world, using a network of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

    For a complimentary and confidential initial consultation, click here.

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    Smithbrandon International, Inc.